Our Services

At TTR, We specialize in connecting you with trusted and verified participants, enabling you to gather accurate and faster insights for all your B2B and B2C research projects.

Custom Recruiting

Ad hoc end-to-end recruiting support for qualitative or user research projects, utilizing persona-based recruiting to find hard-to-reach audiences globally in a short amount of time

Panel Management

Domain expertise in managing large and small B2B/B2C communities, focusing on panel engagement initiatives to reduce attrition and ensure higher panel participation.

Panel Building

Building B2B and B2C panels in markets such as the US, Canada, Brazil, India, the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Denmark, and covering verticals such as healthcare, IT, retail, and more.


Our transcription services accurately convert audio or video recordings into written text for analysis

UX Moderation

Our experienced moderators facilitate engaging and insightful discussions to extract valuable qualitative data.


We offer translation services to ensure seamless communication with participants across different languages.

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Research Methodology


In-Depth Interviews

Cultural Immersions

Diary Studies