Founding Story

In the intricate domain of research, data collection is pivotal. Yet, a consistent challenge researchers face is the acquisition of high-quality data from the appropriate user personas. This shortcoming not only affects data quality but also hampers the timely completion of studies. Having recognized this pervasive issue within both the user and qualitative research sectors, we decided to act.

Drawing on our two decades of extensive experience in qualitative research and data collection, we founded Thot Thru Research. Our primary mission is precise persona identification, ensuring speed and accuracy. Beyond this, we extend a suite of professional research services, aiming to establish ourselves as the go-to research partner for clients seeking reliability and excellence.


Thot Thru Research is dedicated to revolutionizing data collection by precisely identifying user personas with unparalleled speed and accuracy. Our commitment is to elevate research quality, meet time-sensitive demands, and solidify our stance as a trusted research partner for our clients.


To be an integral part of research innovation, where persona-based recruiting and accuracy are the bedrock of every study, ensuring that research globally is always relevant, timely, and anchored in truth

Core Values of TTR

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